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That only happens when you practice intensively in a way that is also called `deliberate practice`: practice that is specific, determined and concentrated.Critical thinking should be trained as a separate discipline within a course; in addition, students must learn how to apply the acquired knowledge, skills and attitude to the other fields of their study.Swimming is a skill that is best learnt by practice. Students master the skill best by lots and lots of practice.

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In his article `Teaching critical thinking: some lessons from cognitive science` (2005) Tim van Gelder formulates six basic principles in relation to critical thinking.

These principles are partly about critical thinking itself, partly about how critical thinking skills can be acquired and partly about the best method of teaching critical thinking.

Van Gelder`s article can be summarized as follows: People are not critical by nature.

Like ballet, critical thinking is a highly contrived activity.

The term ' Critical Thinking' is used in a number of ways in academia; on this site it is used in the sense of evaluating the goodness of arguments.

The approach here is to treat it as a subbranch of opposed to a body of knowledge, is often acknowledged; but its implications are not always well thought out. Imagine swimming instructors taught novices this way: a fifteen week introductory swimming course has students learning the theoretical aspects of swimming in a classroom for fourteen weeks.

Running is natural; nightclub dancing is so to a lesser extent; but ballet is something that you can only do well after investing time and money in painful, intensive training for years.

Underpinning an opinion, providing reasons to justify a statement are not innate basic reasoning skills.

People are naturally inclined to stick to something that is old and trusted.

Therefore, it is essential in education for the teacher to be a role model by continually adopting a critical, open and inquiring attitude and stimulating the development of that same attitude within their students.


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