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Because expository writing is rooted in factual information, authors must provide specific examples and evidence to support their ideas.As you read the body, underline places where the author backs his claims with clear evidence.The most important part of planning out an expository writing essay is to come up with a complex analytical question and develop a strong thesis that provides an answer to your question.

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Expository writing investigates an idea or argument for the purpose of informing or persuading readers.

The genre takes many forms, including comparison and contrast, argumentative, analytical and cause and effect essays.

Expository writing features a variety of different writing styles, from the straightforwardness of academic articles to the satire and humor of personal essays.

You can examine the author's word choice, attitude and sentence structure to determine how you would describe the piece's style.

It's important to avoid introducing any new pieces of information in your conclusion.

Always try to be bold in your conclusion and leave the reader walking away with a strong sense of why your thesis is true.

How the author uses the evidence is also important, as all reasoning must be accurate and free of assumptions or generalizations. Research studies, scholarly journals and government sources are considered more credible because experts verify and review the information.

By contrast, personal websites, partisan organizations and popular news sources can easily be biased or flawed.

The next step is to find evidence from multiple sources to support your thesis.

A good expository writing essay will provide evidence to support its thesis as well as strong arguments to refute a counterthesis that may exist.


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