Fall Of Rome Essay

In other words, if a poor person could not pay their full share, the tax collector paid the rest.

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The debate about the fall of Rome and the way it happened is a centuries-old one and its vitality has been undiminished over the years.

His idea failed though, because it was unrealistic and unenforceable.

The emperors still felt the tax issue needed to be addressed, so they decided to make the hereditary class of tax collectors pay the difference.

At the same time, in a well-known passage, he speaks of a large part of the population that was consuming without producing anything, such as senators, soldiers and the clergy.

These ‘idle mouths’, as he calls them, partly a result of barbarian pressure again, at least as far as the army was concerned, was the main reason for the economic waning of the Late Empire. To begin with, he proposed a new chronological period, extending further than 476, the date traditionally considered as signaling the moment of death of the Roman Empire.

Secondly, he breathed new life in a period that was all but put aside by his contemporaries as of not much particular interest and after him scholars gradually started to perceive the Late Roman Empire in its own right.

This was countered by ‘traditionalists’ in 2005 with the publication of a book under the title ‘The fall of Rome and the end of civilization’.

Rome's gold and silver were being drained into buying luxuries that were imported from China, India, and Arabia.

As the government decreased the silver content in money, the value of the money also decreased. He issued an edict that fixed maximum prices and wages throughout the Empire.


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