Form M Myers-Briggs Thesis

This study then aims to fill a gap in the literature by attempting to provide some answers to the question: Is the MBTI Form M sufficiently reliable, valid, and unbiased for use in South Africa?

Rasch analysis enforces strict requirements for measurement, including the requirement that scales should have equal intervals for true measurement to occur (Bond & Fox, 2007).

In addition to the requirements that a diverse society demands, psychometric testing is also governed by strict legislation.

Combined, these two factors place a large responsibility on test developers and distributors to ensure the appropriateness of psychometric instruments employed in the South African context.

Contribution/value-add: This study is the largest study to date regarding the psychometric functioning of the MBTI instrument in South Africa.

The effect of uniform and non-uniform DIF did not appear to have major practical implications for the interpretation of the scales.


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