Frederick Douglass Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Frederick Douglass Rhetorical Analysis Essay-88
They would have to rely on other people’s words instead of their own.Find Frederick Douglass to be relatively persuasive in his argument to his intended audiences.This would be his way of convincing the younger kids to look down upon slavery.

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He meets two white men who encourage him to run away to the north to be free.

Frederick considers it, but he wants to learn how to write first.

Once he has learned to read, he starts to understand more of what is going on around him and he doesn’t like it.

He begins to envy the ignorance of his fellow slaves.

I find Frederick Douglass to He explains how her doing so made it hard for him to read because she would always get angry whenever she would see him holding a book.

He then describes how he would become friends with the poor white kids so that they would help him learn how to read.

We know that one of his intended audiences is African Americans because he consistently states things such as “I was compelled to resort to various stratagems” and “Thus, after a long, tedious effort for years, I finally succeeded in learning how to write”.

These sentences show us how difficult it was for him and states how he had to go through many trials to anally learn to be literately correct.

By not giving up, he shows us how important he thinks it is for slaves to learn how to read and write.

We also know that his other audience were white Americans because of his use of contrast.


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