Funny Poems About Homework

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I can't keep up in French, and don't ask if I can understand: I can't.AP World History might put me to sleep in a coffin with all this stress. You say it isn't fair, but people do it everywhere. Do it now; we'll give you a treat, something tasty good to eat.

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If you don’t have a pet, write this short poem about one you would like to have.

Stanza from the poem: I own a big fat cat- The fattest for miles around.

Wherever there's lots of food, That's where he'll be found. Connect Over a Poem: The speaker in this poem blames his cat for eating his homework.

I'm sure if he keeps at it He'd win the talent shows. In this funny poem, the poet expands on his cat’s love of eating (and even uses that to get out of doing homework).

My Teacher's In Detention contains 50 hilarious poems about school that cover everything from homework and tests to detention and gross-out school lunches.

The book contains poems by well-known poets, including Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, Robert Pottle, and more great "giggle poets." Editor and contributor Bruce Lansky is one of North America's three bestselling authors of children's poetry books. "He scrambled up my science notes With eggs and bacon strips, Along with sauted spelling words And baked potato chips. But when I offered my excuse My teacher shook her head. He simmered it with succotash Till it was piping hot.Wherever there's lots of food, That's where he'll be found.Template: I own a ______ (adjective) _______ (pet). Wherever there's lots of _______(noun), That's where he'll be found.I'm much too anxious to be my old, creative self for English class.Who would have guessed that I look forward to Algebra II,where things are somehow simple--where black and white puzzles can be actually be solved.He broiled both my book reports With pickles on the side. "And taking it Would only make him growl." My teacher frowned, but then I said As quickly as I could, "He covered it with ketchup, And he said it tasted good." "A talking dog who likes to cook? She sent me to the office, And that is where I sit. "He wore a doggy apron As he cooked a notebook stew. There was nothing I could do." "Did he wear a doggy chef hat? I guess I made a big mistake In telling her all that. Bruce Lansky has been crowned the "King of Giggle Poetry" by his elementary school admirers.As editor of the successful poetry anthologies, A Bad Case of the Giggles, Kids Pick the Funniest Poems, No More Homework! , If Kids Ruled the School, Miles of Smiles, Mary Had A Little Jam, Rolling in the Aisles, Peter, Peter, Pizza Eater, and Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Tot, he learned what makes children laugh.


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