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Fortunately, he hasn’t had any Duke students miss work due to jail time.Gerald Wilson, an academic dean in Trinity College, typically asks students who arrive to class late to explain their tardiness.

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However, when one particular student had to go home, Sherryl Broverman—associate professor of the practice of biology—didn’t have much choice but to give him more time.

“I once had the son of royalty from another country have to delay an assignment as he needed to return home for an event,” Broverman wrote.

“My aunt died this weekend so I wasn’t able to work on my essay” “I ran out of paper so I couldn’t submit that history review this week” “I had a cold; I couldn’t even get out of my bed, let alone do my math homework” If you haven’t used these excuses to get out of a situation of a “homework not done on time”, you’re certainly not doing things the right way.

Everybody at some point becomes a victim to “lazy homework excuses”. Unfortunately a few students take the habit of excusing themselves every single time an assignment is due.

Back in the 1990s, The Chronicle held an annual competition in which professors could submit the craziest homework excuse they had heard.

In 2018, The Chronicle decided to ask more than 20 professors their favorite excuse for missing a homework or exam that they had heard in their years of teaching.At Duke, students will do—or say—whatever it takes to get a passing grade.Glass recalled a student with a memorable excuse in his Earth and Ocean Sciences 101 class.What makes for a good excuse for not having your homework done on time?Once upon a time, "the dog ate my homework" might have worked.That age-old excuse probably won't pass here at Duke though, unless Nugget gets ahold of your work.“I think some students think themselves very clever when they 'make up' excuses but what they don’t realize is that their 'novel and creative’ excuse has actually been in circulation forever,” wrote Alexander Glass, lecturer of earth and ocean sciences, in an email.However, this excuse that someone told Karen Murphy, lecturer of psychology and neuroscience, can happen to any Duke student who’s having a little too much fun—one student told her that they were in the hospital because they broke their ankle falling out of the cage at Shooters II.We are all aware that students are very busy people having little time to spare, even less for doing boring homework tasks. The only way out is to come up with a plausible excuse and spare yourself of performing homework or at least postpone it until better times.I think homework should be banned.” Maybe, somewhere in our world this would work out well.At least, you can try if you really don’t bother what will be the result. Maybe you generally like to study and even enjoy doing some of the tasks, yet this time just didn’t want to do homework? So how to justify yourself before the teacher if you were for some reason unable to do homework? If at every class you have no homework, even the most naive teacher won’t believe you. Be creative, turn on your fantasy, like this guy did.


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