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Nor would any student of the period argue that purely material interests motivated the Crusaders.

Nor would any student of the period argue that purely material interests motivated the Crusaders.Did the Marxist/materialist interpretation dominate a certain era of historiography? But like all academic fevers, this too passed (though not without a lot of groundbreaking and revelatory data in its wake).

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It's been an extraordinary experience - from the grand spectacle of sailing down the Nile to the intimacy of handling tiny copper coins minted by crusaders - and an immense privilege.

An argument against selecting facts to fit a political/philosophical agenda, but not evidence of an academic conspiracy to demonize Christianity.)My problem may stem from the book’s subtitle: “The Case for the Crusades.” The case for the Crusades?

Is he seriously arguing that a religiously motivated military campaign (jihad) is justified?

After years of campaigning, both he and his troops were shattered by exhaustion and Muslim morale was faltering.

Under these conditions, and with the crusaders camped just 12 miles away, Saladin judged that he had no hope of holding the Holy City once an attack began.


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