Hard Work Vs Luck Essay

Many people will do what’s easiest and avoid hard work — and that’s precisely why you should do the opposite.

Lasting success can only be achieved if you put in the work.

Bill Gates saw the dawn of the PC and worked hard to put a computer on every desk. Rockefeller, too, saw ahead when the world-changing new industry was oil and took advantage.

Hard work is challenging, painful and uncomfortable. In fact, a major key to success is to learn to enjoy challenging work and to enjoy working hard at it.

Hard work is always the baseline of great achievements. Very few have ever failed with the hard work approach to making it in life. There are no shortcuts to lasting success, only smartcuts.

Setting goals, making plans to achieve them, and staying on track is hard work.You blast through obstacles that stop others who have less resolve. Thomas Edison failed approximately 10,000 times while he was working on the light bulb and yet he never dreamed of giving up — this is the hard work and the determination that marks a true success.Picasso was exceptionally prolific throughout his long lifetime.When humor was not enough to assuage the loss, he engaged in self-destructive drinking and drugs. Follow these Luck Rules and luck will rule your life!In 1978 he was arrested in the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport for selling drugs and subsequently did 2 years in jail. Immediately open another one full of luck and opportunity. About the author: Karla Brandau, CSP, is an expert in change, leadership and team building in the flat world.And they’re going to work harder than you if you’re not working hard.” — Greatness isn’t handed to anyone; it requires a lot of hard work.The best people in any field are those who devote the most hours to their crafts.The following year, he provided the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the blockbuster movie, Toy Story.That sounds like a lot of luck but actually Tim Allen worked hard against enormous odds to achieve this prominence. He was born in 1953 in Colorado and was one of six siblings.“Don’t ever, ever, believe anyone who tells you that you can just get by, by doing the easiest thing possible.Because there’s always somebody behind you who really wants to do what you’re doing.


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