High School Homework Statistics

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If a student is falling behind on work and needs more time to review material, homework gives him or her an opportunity to catch up at home.He or she can look at the material with a fresh pair of eyes and dig into the work from the comfort of home.Kindergarteners received 25 minutes of homework per night, on average.

If a student is falling behind on work and needs more time to review material, homework gives him or her an opportunity to catch up at home.

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And that starts with ensuring your child is not only studying hard, but studying smart.

Research suggests that when students are pushed to handle a workload that’s out of sync with their development level, it can lead to significant stress — for children and their parents.

However, too much of it can lead to stress and alienation.

That’s why it’s important to help your child plan ahead and tackle his or her homework as effectively as possible.

And since it’s important for young people to have a balance between school and play, spending too much time on homework can lead to students resenting school and losing interest and motivation.

Studies have also shown that too much homework can be very unhealthy, making students feel stressed and burnt out.However, students are already in school for most of their day.Should they dedicate a large portion of hometime to schooling too?These high school students are dealing with increasingly high levels of homework—spending almost twice the amount of time on homework than is recommended.Reports have shown that doing more than 120 minutes of homework a night can result in stress, physical health problems, general lack of balance, and feelings of alienation.It’s a question that is debated by teachers, parents, researchers, and students alike.Homework instills values like discipline and time management and helps students develop their study skills.A contributing editor of the study, Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman, told CNN that she found it “absolutely shocking” to learn that kindergarteners had that much homework.And all those extra assignments may lead to family stress, especially when parents with limited education aren’t confident in their ability to talk with the school about their child’s work.However, homework can also reduce the amount of free time students have.This can cut into time students have for hobbies, sports teams, bonding with family, and visiting friends.


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