History Essay As Structure

A thesis is a statement of the idea you will be trying to prove.

An essay is an argument, an attempt to prove an original assertion through the use of various types of evidence.

Make sure to keep the introduction short and to the point by defining any key terms and then moving on to describe how the essay will be structured.

There is no extra information needed in the introduction.

This is a way to organize your thoughts and to make sure that your structure is logical.

It also can make the writing process much faster and easier, since you have a roadmap of where you are heading.– In Art History essays, there are several forms of evidence you might rely on.First and foremost, there is the visual evidence of the works of art.You may also contextualize the work with primary source texts (that is, texts from the same period as the works of art you are discussion).Then, you should read secondary sources (texts written by modern historians) about the works of art, their artists (if known) and their periods.It should be identifiable from your first paragraph. You should be able to connect every paragraph in your essay to this idea.If you cannot connect a passage to your thesis, it is either extraneous or in need of explanation.Most importantly, be sure that every sentence of your paper can be connected to your thesis.– Your papers should end with some form of concluding remarks.– Be sure to venture beyond formal description of your images.Provide analysis that considers the meaning or meanings which we may draw from these works.


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