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Here's how one teacher used a homework planner to increase communication with students' families and improve homework completion rates: Students developed their own homework calendars. There was a space for students to write their homework assignments and a column for parent-teacher notes.The cover was a heavy card stock that children decorated.

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Homework assignment is a task that should be done at home.

This is type of study paper that has to be written out of lessons when a student has time to learn by himself and show the result of individual research.

Students were expected to take their homework planners home each day and return them the next day to class.

In conjunction with the homework planner, students graphed their homework return and completion rates-another strategy that is linked to homework completion and improved performance on classroom assessments. Students' perceptions of instruction in inclusion classrooms: Implications for students with learning disabilities. Polloway, E., Bursuck, W., Jayanthi, M., Epstein, M., & Nelson, J. Treatment acceptability: Determining appropriate interventions within inclusive classrooms. Library Reference Search Please note that this site is privately owned and is in no way related to any Federal agency or ERIC unit. This site exists to provide the text of the public domain ERIC Documents previously produced by ERIC.

To ensure that homework is clear and appropriate, consider the following tips from teachers for assigning homework: * Make sure students and parents have information regarding the policy on missed and late assignments, extra credit, and available adaptations. * Explain how to do the homework, provide examples and write directions on the chalkboard. MAKE HOMEWORK ACCOMMODATIONS Make any necessary modifications to the homework assignment before sending it home. It is important to check out all accommodations with other teachers, students, and their families.

Establish a set routine at the beginning of the year. * Have students begin the homework in class, check that they understand, and provide assistance as necessary. Identify practices that will be most helpful to individual students and have the potential to increase their involvement, understanding, and motivation to learn. If teachers, students, or families do not find homework accommodations palatable, they may not use them. TEACH STUDY SKILLS Both general and special education teachers consistently report that homework problems seem to be exacerbated by deficient basic study skills.Generally, when students with disabilities participate in the general education curriculum, they are expected to complete homework along with their peers.But, just as students with disabilities may need instructional accommodations in the classroom, they may also need homework accommodations.If students met the success criterion, they received a reward at the end of the week, such as 15 extra minutes of recess. The teacher found that more frequent rewards were needed for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. ENSURE CLEAR HOME/SCHOOL COMMUNICATION Homework accounts for one-fifth of the time that successful students invest in academic tasks, yet students complete homework in environments over which teachers have no control-which, given the fact that many students experience learning difficulties, creates a major dilemma. Homework: A survey of primary students in regular, resource, and self-contained special education classrooms. * Provide parents with frequent written communication about homework (e.g., progress reports, notes, letters, forms). * Share information with other teachers regarding student strengths and needs and necessary accommodations. * Provide a list of suggestions on how parents might assist with homework. For example, ask parents to check with their children about homework daily. Homework is one aspect of the general education curriculum that has been widely recognized as important to academic success.Teachers have long used homework to provide additional learning time, strengthen study and organizational skills, and in some respects, keep parents informed of their children's progress.


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