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The first single from the album, "Alive", was included as a B-side on the single "The New Wave", which was released in April 1994.

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Bangalter later stated that the B-side "was never intended to be on the album, and in fact, 'Da Funk' as a single has sold more units than Homework, so more people own it anyways [sic] than they would if it had been on the album.

It is basically used to make the single a double-feature." Daft Punk discussed their method with Spike Jonze, director of the "Da Funk" music video.

Then people wouldn’t complain about it being monotonous.

But it’s the monotony that gives the songs their power,” Bangalter told “A ‘ta-ta-ta-tam’ played over and over again never sounds exactly the same. The arrangements that we put effort into [do] not appear until you have gotten into the rhythm properly.”And, in many ways, Daft Punk were certainly in rhythm.

[Booklet]Mixed and recorded @ Daft House, in Paris, France Mastered at The Exchange, in London Sleeve concept & art direction: for Daft Arts Album layout & additional artwork: @ Magic Design Daft punk logo created for Daft Arts The tracks 4, 8, 14 & 15 were originally released on Soma Quality Recordings℗&© 1996 Daft Trax / The copyright in this recording is owned by Daft Trax under exclusive license to Virgin France / Virgin Records Ltd. Daftendirekt: Recorded live at a Fuse Party in Gent. As soon as it was put on the stereo it literally brought that party back to life.

Indo Silver Club: This track contains a sample of "Hot Shot" performed by Karen Young, courtesy of Sunshine Entertainment. So fresh and energetic, and still sounding good 20 years later! Some of my favorites are Revolution 909, Fresh, Teachers, and Oh Yeah.

But why was Daft Punk able to gain the attention of rock and pop fans when so many other Euro-dance artists struggled?

The members of the duo think it was a result of the simplicity of their music.“We could garnish our music with a lot of sounds that fills no purpose.

It became the duo's first number-one single on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play chart. T.: A Story About Dogs, Androids, Firemen and Tomatoes.

In 1999, the duo released a video collection featuring music videos of tracks and singles from the album under the name of D. Although its title derives from the appearances of dogs ("Da Funk" and "Fresh"), androids ("Around the World"), firemen ("Burnin'"), and tomatoes ("Revolution 909") in the videos, a cohesive plot does not connect its episodes.


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