Homework Hassles

" "You told me you finished your math last night," Mom said. (Note: Children watch between three and four hours of TV per day.

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She and her husband, two children, and four dogs live in Williston, Vermont. He is the celebrated illustrator of the Ready, Freddy! A good-natured chapter book for boys, ages 6 through 9.

Paul Coleman.) Joshua hovered over his math homework, writing furiously. If so, they may spend double or triple the time it would take them if they simply sat at a desk and quietly did their homework.

This technique is especially helpful for students who take comprehensive exams at the end of a quarter.

Your children will eventually discipline themselves to do homework if you value such discipline. Do the kids see you postponing necessary work and wasting time?

" Helping your child to develop proper study skills will save you and him lots of needless aggravation.

" "You should have thought of that last night when-" "Mom, you're not helping me!That shows good effort." When assisting a frustrated child with her homework, parents make one of three mistakes: They, too, get frustrated and therefore aggravate the situation; they do most of the work for the child (big mistake -- it rewards whining and procrastination); or they pull away and offer less help.The better approach: "I can see that this is frustrating for you. " Have your child speak aloud his thinking process as he works through a problem. But next time you'd better have your assignment finished the day before it's due!Now we'll have to spend the entire weekend working on it!" Get your child into the habit of telling you what his assignments are daily.He had five minutes to finish before his bus arrived. Unless you know what the homework assignments are and when they are due, you cannot help your child organize his time. Something is wrong.) Children often try to do other things while studying, such as watch television or talk on the phone.At least they need to believe that solid effort will most often yield solid results. "You came right home from school and immediately went to your desk to do homework. I noticed that you reviewed your chapter when you didn't know how to answer the homework problem.That was a smart idea, too." "I can see that you tried to figure this problem out yourself before you asked me for help.I can do the first part of the problem for you and you can finish it, or you can do the first part and I will finish it. " "It seems as if no matter how I try to help, you are still frustrated. That can help you detect where his confusion might lie. I'll talk out loud while I do this addition problem. " The problem here may be as much yours as the child's.Six plus four is ten, so I put down the zero and carry the one..." Don't make overseeing homework a chore. Let me finish drying my hands, and I'll be right over." "If you have a homework question, you can always come to me. Did your child have homework but finish it in school? If you are on top of his assignments, you'll be able to remind him ahead of time to get to work.


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