How Show Pride In Being An American Essay

America is not the same as the policies of someone running America.

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That purpose in a person is the thing to which we need to be loyal.

Allegiance to a person is to encourage the person’s care for the world, fairness to the world.

If you obeyed the law and had a black man who had reached New England sent back to Alabama and slavery, were you showing real allegiance to America?

Or were you hideously disloyal to what America truly is, even though millions of people seemed to agree with you?

America is a certain relation of earth and humanity, which, in its rich particularity, was meant to be exact about all earth and humanity.

There is terrible contempt in feeling, Because this person—or family—or gang—or country—is connected with he or it must be right, and superior to all others.

Obviously, the flag as cloth, color, pattern, is not what one should be faithful to. What it stands for is in the next phrase: “and to the Republic for which it stands.” The flag, then, stands for a republic, which means—from the Latin the difference between a republic and, for instance, a monarchy, is a terrific matter in history.

If we look at what the Pledge says, we see that allegiance to America involves the meaning of a republic: we are pledging allegiance to a the people.

If our pledging allegiance doesn’t include our wanting to make sure everything in America is in keeping with its being a real Republic, we should know that we are hypocrites and liars as we pledge.

The author of the Pledge of Allegiance was Francis Bellamy. He worked for the popular magazine which was a sponsor, in 1892, of a celebration by the American public schools.


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