How To Create A Marketing Plan For A Small Business

How To Create A Marketing Plan For A Small Business-9
Create Your Pricing Plan - review the pricing strategies of your competitors to see what is working and what is not - set your price based on value, not your cost - analyze your price elasticity 5.

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In this article I review how to write a marketing plan and break it down into 7 easy steps. Create Your Marketing Budget Click the play button above to learn how to create a marketing plan in 7 easy steps.

I also provide some tips for each of the 7 steps that will increase the effectiveness of your marketing plan. For a more detailed listing of items you should have in a marketing plan I also have a video on the components of a marketing plan on Youtube.

In order to be successful at marketing the very first step requires having a plan.

As with anything, if you do not have a plan, the chances of you getting where you want to go or reaching your goals will be low.

Take a look at all of they large companies you know today.

At one point in time they were all small companies..were not always large.When you look at what all large companies have in common you will see that all large successful companies have been able to successfully use the power of marketing.Marketing is a powerful tool that, if done well, it can propel any business' success to heights beyond your wildest dreams.Creating a marketing plan for your new business is one critical aspect in building a business that survives its first year.If done correctly, your marketing plan is so much more than a budget and strategies.It can serve as your guide to identifying and reaching your customers and staying engaged with them.It should also outline ways to adjust your methods as you learn what works and what doesn’t.Determine Your Positioning (click to see definition) - determine your points of difference (what you do hands down better than the competition) - list what your competitors do better than you - list what you are you do a relatively similar job at when compared to your competitors (this is called your points of parity) - summarize the essence of your product 3.Create Your Product Plan - analyzye your competitor's products and services to see what is working and what is not - survey your customers and prospects to better understand what they are looking for and what they value - create your product offering based on what customers want and are willing to pay for, not what you want to provide 4.At the minimum, it should include a description of who your customers are, how they get information and where you can reach them.To start this process, complete these four steps first. Determine Why a Customer Would Come to You This means more than just restating your product’s or business’ mission statement.


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