How To Solve Air Pollution Problems

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In late 2013, the European Commission adopted a proposed Clean Air Quality Package including new measures to reduce air pollution.

Find out more about European air pollution policies The European Environment Agency (EEA) is the European Union's air pollution data centre; it supports the implementation of EU legislation linked to air emissions and air quality.

It is updated every hour and shows the current air quality in several Québec regions.

You can also check the air quality forecast for the coming days on Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Info-Smog .

This website issues smog warnings for regions where poor air quality is forecasted. If you have heart or respiratory problems, bring your medication with you when you go outdoors.

Follow your doctor’s instructions properly to keep your symptoms under control.To know if the current air quality in your area is good, acceptable or poor, consult the Air Quality Index page.This is an information tool from the ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC).Your health can deteriorate when the air quality is poor or a smog warning (yellowish fog comprising gas and particles) is in effect.The effects of air pollution vary according to each person’s level of sensitivity.Targeted efforts to reduce emissions are therefore still required to further protect human health and the environment in Europe.There are various sources of air pollution, both anthropogenic and of natural origin: The EU's long-term objective is to achieve levels of air quality that do not result in unacceptable impacts on, and risks to, human health and the environment.Air pollutants released in one country may be transported in the atmosphere, contributing to or resulting in poor air quality elsewhere.Particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ground-level ozone, are now generally recognised as the three pollutants that most significantly affect human health.You can take certain precautions to improve your well-being and lower the harmful effects that air pollution can have on you and your loved ones.Certain precautions can help you better plan outdoor activities and prevent the effects of air pollution.


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