How To Solve Physics Problems Easily

Almost always, the two quantities are, as the category suggests, directly related through the definition of one of the quantities (e.g.

Exceptions are cases in which you can’t visualize what the equation means or where it came from, or in which you are asked to look at multiple points and need to keep the given information straight.

In those cases, the picture tends to be a well-labeled picture of the actual situation, rather than an abstract picture such as a free body diagram.

That is the reason why every school and undergraduate Physics course contains its fair share of both experimental work and mathematical problem solving exercises.

Both of these activities help students develop the key problem solving skills essential for all Physicists.

Determine the time taken by the stone to reach the ground.

Assume the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 ms A police car is parked at the side of a highway with its engine running. The police immediately give chase, moving with a constant acceleration until they catch the speeding car after 50 s.

As it says on the front cover of the "Hitch Hiker's Guide To the Galaxy" Don't Panic!

Select the appropriate equation (or in some cases equations) and perform any re-arrangement of the equation before substituting any data into the equation.

It is easier to manipulate equations using pro-numerals rather than numerals.

Having performed any required re-arrangement, substitute the data, making sure to use both appropriate units (usually SI Units) and appropriate signs ( or -) for all vector quantities.


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