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You certainly can’t start writing a research paper a few hours before it’s due and expect to write an “A” paper. So if writing a research paper can take so much time and can be so hard, what can you do to make the entire process a little less painful? All you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide, and you’ll learn how to write a research paper in no time.Okay, so maybe it takes a bit more effort than that.Understand your assignment’s guidelines, including the topic requirements.

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This may be the easy way, but it’s certainly not the best way. You’d read the person’s profile to learn something about his or her personality, age, and interests.

As you find sources, you need to evaluate them to see if they’re credible and if they’re right for your paper. You wouldn’t just start dating the first person that showed up on a list of search results for eligible singles in your area, would you? You’re evaluating whether or not this person is right for you.

Look at this example: Let’s say you decide to write about social media. “Social media” is too broad of a search and doesn’t include any focus.

(Note: you’re starting your search here without a thesis.)Typing “social media” in a search box will produce a list of all kinds of results, from a list of different types of social media sites, to social media in the news, to social media in schools. Try the search again with a working thesis, such as “Social media can cause teens to feel isolated.”Suddenly, your results change.

You want to find detailed, in-depth articles written by experts.

And no, you still won’t find them lingering under your bed, and you won’t find them by staring mindlessly at the screen watching a Game of Thrones marathon. Don’t worry, though, you can still keep Your first instinct might be to use the first handful of sources you find and cite them in your research essay.(We’ll talk more about evaluating sources in Step 5.)The search results may also not be useful for your research paper simply because they don’t provide enough information.Have you ever read a magazine or internet article and thought, “Wow, that was worthless. ” Because these types of sources inform readers of only basic information, they don’t provide enough details, statistics, or facts to actually be useful as research sources. You’re writing a research paper for a class, so you want to find sources that are scholarly.Rather than a list of random and likely useless sites, you’ll see a list of more relevant sources.This tip not only increases your relevant search results but decreases your frustration levels!But if you want to make your life less stressful, develop a thesis before you begin researching. It provides readers (and you) with a road map of your paper.Without a strong thesis, your paper lacks direction.But you were supposed to write an argumentative essay about which one of these cartoons has had a greater influence on American culture. Because you didn’t follow guidelines and didn’t understand your assignment. Look for topics that people actually want to read about.What grade do you think you’d get for all your hard work? So please make sure to read the assignment guidelines carefully! Once you know what type of research paper you should be writing, you’ll need to find a topic. I know it can be tempting to write another boring essay about abortion or marijuana legalization. (And look for topics that fit your assignment guidelines.)Need some inspiration? You can’t just grab a few random sources and try to make them work. True: Writing a research paper can be difficult and can seem overwhelming. It takes time and effort to find and evaluate sources, organize your information, and write the paper. True: Writing a research paper is very time consuming.


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