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Already appearing as a moralizing but empty-headed standard of society, denouncing Mrs.Alving's intellectual inquiry and supporting Engstrand's hypocrisy, the character of Manders allows the audience to foresee the thesis of the drama: that a society which unwittingly destroys individuality and encourages deceit perpetrates disease — physical as well as emotional — upon its youthful members.

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Besides thoughts of her son, she also had her work to sustain her, Mrs. Too besotted to be useful, her husband depended on her to keep him in touch with his work during his lucid intervals. Analysis As the first act functions to introduce the characters, the central problem of the play, as well as the essential story line, the playwright carefully forewarns his audience of the themes he will develop in subsequent acts.

She improved and arranged all his properties, and she is converting his share of the estate into the "Captain Alving Orphanage." By this gesture Mrs. In fact, the first scene of a well written drama often presents a complete analogy of the whole play.

She regards the occasion as the end of "this long dreadful comedy." After tomorrow she shall feel as if the dead husband had never lived here. Engstrand's appearance keynotes the theme of a depraved parent who ensnares his child in his own dissolution, especially as the carpenter asks Regina to join him in his planned enterprise.

Then "there will be no one else here but my boy and his mother," she declares. Implying that she is not his true-born daughter, Ibsen also introduces the theme that children, although unaware of their origins, inherit qualities from their parents.

She endured all this for Oswald's sake, sending him to boarding schools when he was old enough to ask questions.

As long as his father was alive, Oswald never set foot in his home.

Grumbling at "this everlasting rain," Oswald returns from his walk. As she talks with her father, the audience recognizes that, though she is of vulgar stock, she has aspirations to gentility.

When Regina announces that dinner is ready, Oswald follows her into the dining room to uncork the wines. Alving discuss the dedication ceremony for the opening of the orphanage tomorrow. The couple in the conservatory — over again." He is bewildered. This is shown as she uses her little knowledge of French.

Summary Regina Engstrand, a young girl in service for Mrs. She tries to prevent her father, Jacob Engstrand, from entering.

The rain makes the old man even more disreputable looking than usual, and Regina makes it clear she is ashamed of his coarseness and vulgar appearance.


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