Integration Of Psychology And Christianity Essay

If one has a spiritual problem they should turn to the Bible; if one has a problem such as anxiety, guilt, self-acceptance, insecurity, etc. Then there are those who would claim to be biblical counselors who simply borrow the best that psychology has to offer without actually integrating it with the Word.

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Can there be any fellowship between darkness and light? Well regardless of what others might say, I believe it is the teaching of psychology now prominent in the historic Christian churches of our nation.

"Psychology, since its founding roughly a century ago, has often focused on the opposite topic-namely the psychology of religious belief.

Some Christians argue that psychology is a rival religion, others that inclusion of psychological principles into biblical counseling is essential, others that neither extreme is accurate.

Psychology has adopted the scientific method, but that method cannot be consistently applied to its field of study.

Are they compatible with Christianity or do they have vastly different ways of looking at the world? THE CHRISTIAN AND PSYCHOLOGY by the Southern View Chapel By any standard psychology has had a major impact upon the Christian community during the past thirty years.

Whether that impact has been positive, negative or simply neutral is often the topic of hot debate.

A basic component of the Integrates Model is the assumption of the "unity of truth," which has the problem in application of placing the reading of Scripture on the same plain as the reading of scientific data in understanding reality.

The unity of truth doctrine overlooks the unique character of Scripture as propositional revelation introduced by God into a fallen world for purpose of communicating to fallen man.

Yet, it is important that we analyze that movement in the light of the Word.

Approaches to Integrating Spirituality and Therapy There are many different approaches to working with religious and/or spiritual issues in therapy.


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