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They stole a numerous amount weapons held at the U. The fourth reason why he was justified was by using violence as a last resort, the government refused equality of slaves to get freedom was to fight.

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In fact, he was a major contribution to the end of the issue of slavery.

It was not long after his death that John Browns’ war, became the nation’s war.

The white abolitionist John Brown who has been thought of as a thief and in contrast a religious prophet led a raid at Harper’s Ferry in 1859. He did this by revolting to gain freedom for slaves.

He attempted to start an armed slave revolt by gathering 16 whites and 5 blacks. The third reason why his violence was justified is because it was for the right intent, Brown fought for a new government so the slaved could be rescued and protected.

His father was a wandering New Englander and a firm believer in abolition.

In his younger years, John Brown spent most of his time in Ohio where he was taught by local schools and by his parents to respect the Bible and detest slavery.Commanded by General John William Reid, they intended to reach the town about midnight and make and strike in the daylight.On the morning of August 30th Frederick Brown, son of abolitionist John Brown, left Osawatomie before sunrise to return to Lawrence. While they were very quick, the Free-State men were quicker, and the camp was captured after total defeat of the Missourians.It was not anticipated that another attack would soon be made, but on the night of August 29th a band of about 400 Missourians started from Bull Creek for Osawatomie.Around mid August 1856, the Missouri-Kansas militia began aggressive attacks and killings around the area of Osawatomie.About 150 Missourians camped not far from the town expecting to capture it by surprise.He frequently enjoyed the company of blacks as he lived 2 years in a freedmen’s community in New York.Over time he became an active abolitionist becoming the conductor of the Underground Railroad and the organizer of a self-protection league for free blacks and fugitive slaves.Over the next 24 years Brown built and sold several tanneries, involved himself in land sales, raised sheep, and established a brokerage for woolgrowers.Every project failed because he was more of a visionary, than a businessman.


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