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Later, we learn that the family’s expenses are enhanced, which forces even Ona to seek employment.It is really difficult to land a job in Packingtown because the working conditions are very hard and unsafe.We are informed that Dede Antanas, the father of Jurgis, lands a job, but, this he achieves through corrupt means.

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Jurgis is young and energetic; hence it does not take long for him to get a job, just like do Marija, Jonas and Teta, who are their close relatives.

The family agrees to purchase a house, but this does not materialize since the deal is simply a swindle; there are too many hidden aspects of the agreement, and the house is poorly maintained and shoddy.

Winter according to the author is the most dangerous period in Packington, and this even translates into the working conditions.

For example, we are informed that the place that Jurgis works in brings risks into his life each time he goes for work.

The story portrays the life of a Lithuanian immigrant Jugris Rudkus and his family.

This novel focuses on the hardships faced by the immigrant workers who come to America with dreams of better lives and very soon learn about the harsh reality. The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair The book “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair was written during a time when were engaging in a style of investigative journalism that was known as muckraking, where they highlighted and drew attention to social injustices that were taking place in America, especially in the fields of business and industry.At Packingtown, it was easier to adjust to life if one was conversant with English since it was the language that was used by most people (Bloom 37).From the tale, we learn that, Jurgis’ family members face extreme hardships as they try to settle in Packingtown permanently.There are too many hardships as evidenced by various events in the novel.For example, Marija and Tamoszius are never able to marry due to financial difficulties.The despair and hopelessness that prevailed among the immigrants who worked as lower class workers is represented by an example of a huge family of 12 members.Sinclair’s novel became very popular as it stressed on improving the conditions...Her bosses do not even sympathize with her situation since they compel her to resume working after just seven days of leave.Many mishaps in this region have ensured that families are easily ruined.Besides, there is no disregard for workers’ safety in this region.Moreover, the immigrant community in Packingtown is exposed to corruption and crime, which extremely complicates life in the area.


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