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We are an organization of Catholic men who give back to our parish and our community. Whether it is your background in the business world, in education or the lessons learned from raising a family, each Knight is respected and valued for his efforts, ideas and suggestions.We recognize that in this fast-paced world, you have work, family and other activities that require your time.

The success of this program has enabled us to get the per-unit cost of these machines down to $27,000.

March – The John Carroll School and the Day of the Unborn: Bel Air Council would like to thank The John Carroll School and its Respect Life Club for enabling your Knights of Columbus in concert with Birthright to provide a brief educational opportunity raising awareness of Culture of Life on the Day of the Unborn Child.

Our council hosts many activities throughout the year for the church, youth, family and our community. Eight individuals who have demonstrated exceptional service to our community as a member of the Police Department, Fire Department or Ambulance Corps were honored.

The senior officer of their respective service organization recommended them for the award. Joseph's Council presented the recipients with Certificates of Appreciation for their Community Service. Joseph's Church in Oradell or Ascension Parish in New Milford and planning to attend a Catholic High School in the fall.

Maryland has been very successful already funding nine machines which are in place and saving lives.

As of April 2013, Knights of Columbus nation-wide have purchased over 334 ultrasound machines at a cost of over .5 million, with additional fund raising campaigns for ultrasound machine purchases either in-progress or to be launched in the near future.Birthright of Bel Air is staffed by trained volunteers prepared to offer personal, confidential help to those involved, whether they are single or married, regardless of age, race, income, or religion.Together they will assess the situation and explore alternatives available. They operate solely by donations from a few area churches and many individuals.Knights are Catholic men, at least 18 years old, who are committed to making their community a better place while supporting their church.Being a knight is being involved with your community, supporting your parish, enhancing your own faith and protecting and enhancing your family life.Previous recipients of the prize have included the Sisters of Life, George Mason University law professor Helen M. BINGO for Alzheimer’s Association: Bel Air Council hosted a BINGO session specifically to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Association.The Knights of Columbus Day of the Unborn Child is observed on the Feast of the Annunciation and is in line with the International Day of the Unborn Child established by Pope John Paul II.Pope John Paul II viewed the day as; “a positive option in favor of life and the spread of a culture for life to guarantee respect for human dignity in every situation.”We enjoyed talking to a few students as they walked to class or lunch and we appreciated hosting a 9th grade health class as well as students from medical ethics.The Council raised 0 through the BINGO and decided to up the donation to 0.In addition, the Bel Air courcil had a team to participate in the Alzheimer’s Association walk-a-thon and raising another 0 for the cause.


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