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Here is why this idea on how to make a paper longer is a bad one: your teacher is not a fool, and your fraud will be spotted instantly, resulting in your grade being decreased or your paper being rejected altogether; you are missing out on an opportunity how to extend an essay by adding value to its content.Several Ideas on How to Lengthen an Essay There is a neat little trick – you spell all the numbers instead of using digits, at least numbers smaller than ten.If it takes you a lot of time and nerves to reach the necessary word count of your essay or any other writing, you shouldn’t expect this problem to magically disappear with the course of time as you become more experienced.

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And, just like the previous instance, it makes your writing more pleasant to look at.

Another way how to write a long paper is to decipher and spell out all abbreviations.

Research additionally If you don’t know what else to put in your essay and how to make an essay longer word count, the most logical thing to do is to look for more information that you can put there.

Research some more to find some extra information or food for thought – this is a sure way how to make an essay longer.

Just like the fluff, it is indeed a way how to add words to an essay, but not the kind that can make it an exciting read or get you a good grade at school.

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Adding an extra description does serve a purpose and make the text more pleasant to read, but when you do it all over the text, this effect is lost.

Look at examples of similar papers You can look at what other people wrote when given the same assignment as you.

Look at how they have successfully reached the needed word count and kept their essays interesting to read.

We already know how to extend an essay and what not to do, and we are eager to share the information on how to lengthen an essay.

As a matter of fact, there is a lot of possible details that you can add to your work to increase not only its volume but also its content value.


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