Making Your Own Luck Narrative Essay

It follows our TOEFL Writing templates for independent essays.If you like it, please note that we have many more sample essays!

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It’s impossible to play a long game, when you check the scorecard in real-time.

Personally, I’m feeling this right now with the podcast.

Their requirements sound like this: “Please write a narrative paper on something you personally experienced.

The deadline is in two weeks.” That’s enough to scare you off.

I’ve recorded 30 episodes, each one costing $200 and taking 10 hours. The response has been strong, but definitely not commensurate with the “cost.” But it’s been pure joy — intense learning, living outside my comfort zone, and a work product that I’m infinitely proud of.

This is an example TOEFL essay (type 2) written by a native English speaker.Writing is equal parts habit formation and actual skill. The piece came out fine, but what I should’ve been doing was more of the Lean Startup approach (creating MVPs, testing, and iterating). And in our world of Instant Gratification we forget that to creating something beautiful requires us to show up each day.Even if we’re tired, hungover, unmotivated, or distracted. Boring and unsexy, yet methodical and agnostic to our emotional whims. A nice trick is to pair consistency with accountability.Thanks to the narrative essay tips you just went through, you’re ready to start working on your perfect narration. Remember: if you get stuck, you can always request professional writing help online. Einstein once called compound the Eight Wonder of the World. I often get asked the question “I want to start writing, but don’t know where to begin?It’s a more personal way of writing that you can base on experience. The advice that follows is provided by professional writers who’ve written dozens of narrative papers before. When most students are faced with a specific type of assignment for the first time, they have an important question: “What is this paper consisted of? When you’re truly inspired from a moment, event, or person, it’s not hard to write about it.And while I do hold myself to extremely high standards, we’ve moved from a world of PDFs to one of Google Docs.Our documents are adapting and transforming in real time — think about how Kanye West released The Life of Pablo multiple times.Still, it has to catch the reader’s attention and hold it to the very end.You’ll make lasting impressions only if you use vibrant details to describe this ordeal.


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