Marking Criteria Essays

The brief gives us the guidelines by which to mark the essay.

With these expectations in mind, critical reading of your essay begins.

It may sound obvious, but no two markers are the same. We may have different stylistic preferences, and what interests us will vary.

Despite this, there are certain constant elements that go into writing a great essay.

Logical flow can easily make the difference between grades.

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When marking your work, we aim to give you pointers on how to strengthen this area.We want to see how clear things are and if they’ve been linked together in the right way. Often, in academic writing, it can be tempting to cram as much detail into a sentence as possible. You can find some helpful tips on perfecting your essay writing style here.Or to include every single point of view on the topic in hand. At first glance, it may seem a point of style, but the best way to show your understanding of a subject is to lay your knowledge and research out in plain terms. Despite a need for focus, we do expect to see breadth and depth of knowledge.The essay marking service we provide here at Oxbridge Essays seeks to provide students with a better insight into their own essay writing so they can, in turn, improve their grades. How do we arrive at an estimated grade for your work? And, how does this compare to the marking process your university tutor or lecturer will use?But how do we go about marking your essay, dissertation or other assignment? If you're interested in knowing how the academic marking process really works (and you should be – it will help you immensely), then read on.We check to see if your ideas have been brought together and are coherent. Here is where we assess how well you have understood the question and how much you know about the subject.We do more than simple fact checking (though we do ensure you have got your stuff right).A strong essay conclusion serves to summarise to your assessor how well you can reflect on what you have written about.It is another vital part of the whole picture that we look to ensure you’ve mastered.Where we differ is in the level of attention devoted to providing feedback.We are not just seeking to critique your essay – our ultimate aim is to help you improve your essay to its very best potential.


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