Math Problem Solving For Kids

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Does it really matter if kids can solve word problems? ” Well, I believe that ultimately our goal is not to produce quick and efficient machines (that’s what calculators are for), but rather to raise up strong problem solvers. Gillan from the book, “Every problem in arithmetic calls for two distinct and widely different kinds of work: first, the solution, which involves a comprehension of the conditions of the problem and their relation to one another; second, the operation. Then we do the work; this is merely a mechanical process…Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing do not train the power to reason, but deciding in a given set of conditions which of these operations to use and why, is the feature of arithmetic which requires reasoning.: the actual process of adding 2 numbers together.

To help develop critical thinkers, and kids who apply logical reasoning and think outside the box. We’re teaching kids to reason and then apply their reasoning to solve problems. Even though we, as teachers, give kids lists of keywords with the very best of intentions, this is actually not helpful if they’re used in a different way than kids are used to. Say kids are given the following word problem: Immediately, kids see two numbers: 18 and 7.

Enjoy this bridge crossing game, a classic problem solving activity that takes some thought to solve.

Help people across the bridge but remember that it’s dark and the lantern only lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes. Think hard and solve all the brain bending interactive puzzles.

Give this educational brain teaser a try and find out.

Make the impossible possible with this free problem solving game that kids will enjoy.

Use just one piece of information to confidently label the fruit bags without seeing everything that’s inside them.

Recently, I was working on multiplying and dividing by 2 with one of my kids. ” or “But remember, what does that division sign represent? Even after all that work, and a high level of confidence in solving basic problems, when we began to work through math word problems, what do you think they did? …the gut response to a word problem was to pull out the numbers without thinking and add them all together! If you’re looking for help teaching kids to solve word problems, here are some tips and ideas for you!

Although each word problem includes the term “total,” they all require a different operation to solve it, forcing kids to think about the situation. Finally, looking for keywords is not practical advice for real world problem solving.

When our kids come against a situation in their life that requires math, there will be no keywords.


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