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Although I still question the propriety of not exposing his negligence, the decision I made allowed me to preserve the trust of my men and the exacting standards of the army.“My editor’s remarks significantly improved my chances of acceptance into Business School. Your unwillingness to submit fraudulent maintenance data is admirable, and I am sure that your comportment in this situation will leave a favorable impression on the admissions committee.I expected some thematic suggestions and corrections in grammar and diction, but I did not expect such depth and breadth to the edits. However, there were certain changes that would make your essay better.

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He said that his actions were like everyone else’s, and that no one cared about inaccurate numbers.After fighting for years to be promoted to the position of tank company executive officer, I believed that transitioning into the role would be relatively easy. As soon as the paperwork settled and I donned my new uniform, I encountered an ethical dilemma that cast all of my previous training into doubt.The officer I replaced had been less than forthcoming in his maintenance reports to the company and battalion commanders.The officer had fabricated data on the number of maintenance problems in order to look better in the eyes of his superiors. Army command needs an accurate count of battle-ready tanks in case of deployment.Companies send weekly reports on the maintenance status of their tanks to their battalion, and this data is passed on to the highest levels of army command.The outgoing executive officer did receive some harsh words from the company commander, but nothing of great consequence.I had maintained my integrity and minimized damage to my fellow officer. I will recommend this service to all my friends who apply to graduate school.”Dear John, This is an effective story that clearly lays out the complexity of the ethical dilemma you faced.I sent an honest report to the company and battalion commanders documenting the state of affairs.Tank breakdowns are fairly frequent in the army, so the two out-of-service vehicles did not raise suspicion.He may have been right, but I did not find his argument compelling.I told him I would do my best to repair the unit, but that any remaining problems would be reported at the week’s end.


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