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There is a difference between qualitative and quantitative research because qualitative is a primarily inductive process and is less reliable whereas quantitative is a primarily deductive process that is the numerical analyzing of data and is more valid and reliable.

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You have to define whether the research is qualitative or quantitative; whether it will be following primary data or secondary data would be enough for fulfilling the work?

Another important aspect of research methodology is defining the purpose of the research.

It is a method that describes the problem from a different point of view or the point of view of those who are encountering it.

It is textboxes and has no statistics test and it more like an unstructured response option.

A qualitative data collection contains semi or unstructured techniques.

Qualitative methods include surveys, interview whether in person or phone, it refers to the same common question asked from different people in the same style.

It is a primarily deductive process that included pre-specified concepts to make up a theory or hypothesis.

Ethics are kind of an issue to any research but you must keep one thing in mind that you should not do anything that is or can prove to be dangerous to your research or harm your research subject.

The dissertation methodology section includes all the research, interviews and surveys.

Your research methodology should contain all the defined research questions and also the view of the other scholars about the topic you have selected.


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