Michelle Obama Thesis Critique

Michelle Obama Thesis Critique

At the same time, she must also embrace the gendered labour required of a First Lady -- she must be a wife and mother who is patriotic, gracious, well-spoken, politically fluent and inoffensive in carriage and manner.

In all, examining Obama’s 2008 bid for First Lady reveals the ways in which Black female identity can be both deployed and under-examined in political and public spheres that rely on stereotypical race and gender frames in the midst of an unfamiliar social and political landscape.

In Her Own Words Unlike other spokespersons, the First Lady’s attachment to the President is presumed to be permanent, binding, established through familial ties, based on close physical proximity and personal selection, and rooted in intimate knowledge.

However, few, if any, analyze the Obama’s campaign performance as a rhetorical production or examine the variability of her rhetorical performance in front of different audiences over time.

Moreover, other works on First Lady rhetoric have often excluded considerations of race, neglecting Whiteness as a defining component of First Lady and presidential identity (Parry-Giles & Blair; Wertheimer).


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