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Dave's ability and his quick wit gave him a natural appeal, and he was welcome in any clique, though he always kept a little independent. He enjoyed acting the fool and could care less about studies, but he possessed a certain maturity and never caused the faculty much trouble.

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It wasn't just that I didn't know things - didn't know how to simplify algebraic fractions, couldn't identify different kinds of clauses, bungled Spanish translations - but that I had developed various faulty and inadequate ways of doing algebra and making sense of Spanish. that he lacked the knowledge to do more challenging work c. All of the following can be found in paragraph 14 EXCEPT a.

Worse yet, the years of defensive tuning out in elementary school had given me a way to escape quickly while seeming at least half alert. Ed., I developed further into a mediocre student and a somnambulant problem solver, and that affected the subjects I did have the wherewithal to handle: I detested Shakespeare; I got bored with history. I fooled around in class and read my books indifferently - the intellectual equivalent of playing with your food. that his attitude toward learning ensured his mediocre performance d.

I did what I had to do to get by, and I did it with half a mind. Growing up where I did, I understood and admired physical prowess, and there was an abundance of muscle here.

But I did learn things about people and eventually came into my own socially. There was Dave Snyder, a sprinter and halfback of true quality.

Rose describes a variety of reasons why adult students would need to revisit education after years in the workforce.

“There were people who didn’t do all that great in K-12 or maybe started out doing okay but for various reasons faltered,” he says.

There was Ted Richard, a much-touted Little League pitcher.

He was chunky and had a baby face and came to Our Lady of Mercy as a seasoned street fighter. The rhetorical function of the sentence But I did learn things about people and eventually came into my own socially (par 13) is to a. acknowledge that the speakers experiences were not entirely negative c.

But mostly the teachers had no idea of how to engage the imaginations of us kids who were scuttling along at the bottom of the pond.

And the teachers would have needed some inventiveness, for none of us was groomed for the classroom. that he was bored because he wasnt being challenged 5.


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