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- Did you complete the psets and quizzes / exams to test what you learned? Very important to remember: don't get upset with yourself. It's tough to determine if I am at a ceiling because I can't stay motivated, it isn't for me, or I am focusing on the wrong vertical (eg app Dev vs Dev ops vs project management)Thanks. I think a remarkable part of this that no one has mentioned is that the article mentioned you struggled with homelessness at least at one point. Wanted to know how long it usually takes you to get through a typical CS/Math course and how much time you spend on it a week?- Did you buy, rent, or download the suggested books? Also any Erik Demaine lecture, including his grad work in paper folding. I always watch lectures speed up to 1.2x speed and watch them in order. Can you talk more about your experience being homeless? Also how long does it take for you to get through the readings? I just don't understand why we need to donate to OCW. If someone can use OCW to advance their knowledge and opportunity in society, and then later in their career voluntarily contribute back something, that is a good model for some people.When people talk about what the government should be doing, they're not talking about the current system.

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Contrast this with the government's role in creating a vocational structure that saddles students with enormous debt right at the start of their working life And contrast that with how it was a few decades ago when the government funded universities and a summer job was enough to pay your yearly tuition.

The current loan system is an awful mess of perverse incentives.

MIT doesn't, they have other sources of funding. The problem with Wikipedia is that even though they're getting 10x more money than ever, their operating costs are always growing, and they're constantly increasing the amount of money they spend like a runaway I've read.

Wikipedia is part of a non-profit whose purpose is to spread free information in the world, while MIT is also (supposedly) a non-profit which takes thousands of hundreds of dollars from its students.

It's a privilege to have an opportunity to inspire and help as much as I can.

Thanks for your time, keep kicking ass, here's to continued growth and evolution of us all Since you successfully passed the Google interview, can you comment on how much the OCW content prepared you for it? IMHO, curiosity and desire to learn form the basis of any good technologist career.

Thank you to everyone involved in making online coursework accessible. Quick question: as an "new-grad" applicant with two internships AND an internal referral, my application to Google was categorically rejected on the basis that they are "no longer hiring fresh undergraduates for the Software Engineer position". Given that this self-taught dev was given an interview, would I be better off applying without listing my CS degree and just highlight professional experience, Git Hib, etc and say I am "self-taught"? Maybe they have a quota of new undergrad from a specific school per year (If they assume that every school they go to has at least X% of candidates) or an overall quota."no longer hiring fresh undergraduates for the Software Engineer position" might only be for your school for this year.

Also most companies would consider "fresh undergraduates" people graduating soon or who graduated less than 12 months ago so you still have time.

I read (past and presently) a lot of business and finance books as well. Can you please elaborate on the courses you specifically took, any extra books you referred to and any side projects ? - In the way people describe love as "you just know"; how sure of programming and your path were you?

Also tons of books teaching soft skills, which is hugely important. I would really like to know more about your experience in detail as I feel it might help with my journey. If googling/stack exchange doesn't help I try again later or the next day. - AFTER coming up from rock bottom; did you have a long term goal or simply stability and how did you manage yourself mentally to continue?


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