Money Doesn'T Bring Happiness Essay

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People strive to have bank accounts that are large and engage in whatever it will take them to gain more money rewards in their business or at work.Individuals who seek money by the desire of pursuing their passion are motivated to make more money to ensure that......The Case against Money and Happiness Introduction The debate as to whether money can result in happiness is nearly as old as the entire notion of money itself.

It is undeniable that money is necessary, and it brings momentary satisfaction, but sooner or later, the content feelings fade away and it amplifies people’s desire to buy something else.

In other words, since we can only have instant satisfaction feelings from money, we will never be able to feel happiness from it, because real happiness isn’t just a feeling of satisfaction but it is a feeling of fulfillment that we can accomplish only after overcoming many obstacles on the way to our goals.

To actually equate happiness with money, however, is nave and simplistic.

The notion of personal happiness surely must extend beyond a single dimension; and indeed......employment condition by balancing all the variables in such a way that every thing gets settled in an equilibrium state.

Several theories and concepts have been developed each valiantly trying to argue in support of or even against the case of money and happiness.

This paper seeks to show that money can result in happiness.

However, a progressive increase in income does not always lead to prolonged happiness (Easterlin, 1973).

The paradox of money and happiness goes against common thoughts.

First Institute Money cannot buy happiness Money has become a very important and essential part of life; yet it can’t guarantee happiness.

Happiness is an internal feeling and hence cannot be acquired from external sources.


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