Morality Of War Essay

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Although some might agree with the "unpatriotic" label and claim that patriotism is a misplaced loyalty, that is relatively rare.

Instead, those who oppose either war generally or some specific war will instead argue that it is the support of war which is immoral, naive, or even a betrayal of their nation's deepest and most important values.

This objection accepts that a state may have a vested interest in pursuing attackers and even killing them, but points out that the justice involved with such actions is quickly offset when innocent lives are put at risk or even lost.

Life Is Sacred The pacifist position against war or violence generally is often based upon the deontological argument that all of life (or just all human life) is sacred, and hence it is immoral to ever act in a way which would cause the deaths of others.

He has not watched his best friend die in his arms after being hit my enemy fire.

He is an onlooker, free to analyze and critique every aspect of the war from the safety of his office.He is free and safe to talk of ethics and proper war etiquette.The soldier, immersed in battle, fighting for his life, can think of only one thing. When bullets are flying past his face and mortar shells are exploding all around him, he is not mindful of fighting ethically.When differences cannot be solved or compromised through mediation with an opposing party, war is the last remaining option.Muslim historian Ibn Khaldun wrote in fourteenth-century Spain, that “War is a universal and inevitable aspect of life, ordained by God to the same extent as the sky and the earth, the heat and the cold.Wars Risk the Future of the Human Race The generally limited nature of warfare, even at its most brutal, ended after World War II with the development of nuclear weapons.Between those and the vastly improved biological and chemical weapons which have become standard in the military arsenals of so many nations, the destructive capacity of even a single conflict has grown to such proportions that no one can pretend to be uninvolved and unaffected.Although Just War theories were developed primarily by Catholic theologians and most explicit references to a Just War theory today tend to come from Catholic sources, implicit references to it can be found widely because of the way in which it has become incorporated into Western political thought.Those using this argument try to make the case that today, all wars are unethical.There are few wars so popular that everyone in a society supports it; thus, even when support is unusually widespread, there will always be a few who dissent from popular opinion and object to their country engaging in war, arguing that the conflict is immoral and unethical.Quite often, they are attacked for their stand and accused of being unpatriotic, immoral, naive, and even treasonous.


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