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They help unite the kingdom with their defeat of King Rience of Wales.

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Beaumains embarks on adventures with lady Linet and he is revealed to be Sir Gareth.

He is the fourth son of King Lot and Queen Margawse and Sir Gawaine’s brother.

In this book we are also introduced to Sir Launcelot, a central character in the Arthurian legend.

Book VI follows the quests and adventures of Sir Launcelot, where he battles and destroys two giants.

We also get a more thorough introduction to the Knights of the Round Table, and are introduced to Sir Gawaine, Arthur’s nephew Sir Pellinore, and Pellinore’s son Sir Tor.

It is in Book IV that witness the death of Merlin after he is buried alive by the Damosel of the Lake, Nimue.

The story begins with Uther Pendragon, the King of England who lusts after Igraine, who happens to be the wife of the Duke of Tintagil.

They conceive a child together and name him Arthur who is then sent to be raised by a surrogate family.

Sir Launcelot distinguishes himself as the finest knight of the Round Table, and indeed in the world.

We also learn that Launcelot is in love with Queen Guinever.


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