Moving To Another Country Essay

For recent graduates, however, jetting off to live and work abroad can seem like a daunting prospect.Having worked so hard to get a degree, they can be put off moving abroad by a fear that they will be foregoing the opportunity to put those skills to good work.Taking a gap year in a foreign land and hopping from Air Bnb to Air Bnb will only get you so far.

HSBC’s 2018 ‘Expat Explorer’ survey found that 50% of respondents earned more as an expat than they had at home.

If you stand to make a lot more money working abroad, consider creating saving targets and plan initially for only a temporary stay.

As a new graduate, there may never be a better time than now to explore the world.

But jetting off into the unknown can be daunting, so here’s what to consider before making up your mind.

Before going any further, check out where your passport(s) let you move to and work without too much hassle. There are even annual reports ranking countries as destination for expats, such as Inter Nation’s ‘Expat Insider’.

There’s really never been a better time to live abroad.

Check out our advice on how to prepare for a big move.

While setting up in a new country may demand a bit of investment to start off with, for many the potential rewards are well worth it. Perhaps your chosen field is going through a downturn, or just simply isn’t as big in your own country as it is elsewhere.

Google Translate is one thing, but now there are even greater demands than before for mastering a foreign language for work or pleasure.

Teaching your native tongue, or a language you are fluent in, can be a great way to fund your move, and often allows you to remain extremely mobile.


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