Mushroom Growing Business Plan

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Mushrooms farming technology – Variant 1We have prepared for you two most popular variants of mushroom production. Most often, people make use of plastic bags in place of tanks as they are inexpensive and comfortable.The bags are filled to the top, at the bottom there are some holes for removing of excess moisture. These tanks with mushrooms should be kept at a room temperature 22-24 C and humidity level 60-70%. Some people love to collect them, while others like to cook and eat a variety of dishes made from mushrooms.

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Now they need to be moved to another room with a lower temperature and higher humidity, where they will continue to grow. This is usually done by installing tubes that have small holes in the bags with mushrooms. The first harvest is usually the most abundant, the second and the third – less rich.

READ ALSO: Foodstuff business in Nigeria The temperature can vary from 12 to 25 degrees. Some of them like very low temperature, others prefer a higher temperature. Through these holes, the water comes into the bags, thereby moistening them. After the third phase, the bag with the substrate is discarded, and replaced with a new one.

Before getting started, educate yourself about how to grow mushrooms.

Many companies offer courses and seminars on growing these fungi.

If you're interested in starting a business on the side but lack financing, a mushroom business may be the perfect fit because the startup expenses for a mushroom farm are minimal.

Also, if you start on a small scale, you can do it as a part-time job.For instance, Fungi for the People offers a week-long course every few months in Westfir, Oregon. If you don't have the time or funds to take a course, many books about growing mushrooms are readily available.And keep in mind that oyster mushrooms are the easiest to grow, so start with a crop of oysters.But you can make it on your own from raw materials. - Mushroom seedlings Seedling material for the cultivation of mushrooms is called mycelium.Typically, novice mushroom growers buy it at different mushroom farms.The lighting at this stage is compulsory and must be available at least 12 hours a day. Mushrooms farming technology – Variant 2- Local market; You may sell your mushrooms at the local rural markets or to sell them to restaurants and shops.- Wholesale sales- Export- Processed product; It means that you can sell cooked mushrooms (pickled) or dried mushrooms. Use our tips to build a successful mushroom business. If you have already made a decision, then it is hi-time to draw up a detailed business plan for mushroom farm creation.The composition of vitamins contained in oyster mushroom is similar to meat.Three days later, you need to make some cuts in the bags or tanks so the mushrooms can grow.Approximately in two weeks, the bags with the substrate will be overgrown with mycelium.


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