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She observed “a growing new movement, one that is fundamentally reshaping our understanding of the good life.” Her research shows that the search for greater meaning is far more fulfilling than the pursuit of personal happiness.” Like so many who write on the topic of meaning in life, she strongly advocates doing things for others as the best route toward meaning and contentment with life.Her last chapter tackles the challenge of finding meaning in retirement.

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Some view aging as a spiritual path because the difficult later-life challenges of loss, meaning and mortality engage transcendence, inner contemplation, and other spiritual processes.In short, meaning increases with each of these four elements, which serve as four separate dimensions.So, to maximize meaning, you would maximize all four dimensions.The research has also discovered a strong relationship of meaning with happiness.In general, greater meaning results from the following: acting with stronger purpose; concern for the common good; caring for family, friends, and strangers; coherence of purposes; and attention to ultimate concerns, such as where did we come from and where are we going.The following assumptions follow from the research done on personal and social meaning: (1) Purposes and actions have greater meaning if they include caring for others and our natural environment, without sacrificing essential care for ourselves.(2) Meaning may be greater if one’s focus is upon spiritual concerns, but not necessarily religion.Meaning as used here refers to thinking, caring and acting with purpose.Purpose refers to goals whereas meaning consists of the personal values underlying those purposes.She notes that research finds that a sense of purpose declines with age and the transition to retirement.This emerging emptiness leads some in later life to seek radical changes like connecting with volunteer projects or seeking out new activities.


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