Newspaper Glossary Terminology

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Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps all have APIs that allow other websites or computer programs to use their underlying tools.

The New York Times and NPR have also released APIs that allow other programs to draw on archives of movie reviews, restaurant reviews and articles.

If you’re particularly challenged, this thing called an i Phone is even defined for you.

Get started now — the list will grow more quickly than your relatives join Facebook.

Many mobile phones allow apps to be downloaded, leading to a burgeoning economy for modestly priced software.

Can also refer to a program or tool that can be used within a website.(See also server side) — Software designed to organize large amounts of dynamic material for a website, usually consisting of at least templates and a database.It is generally synonymous with online publishing system.An example is Javascript, a programming language that allows developers to build interactivity into websites.The work is done within the browser, rather than at the hosting website.(See also, RSS) — One of the first widespread web-native publishing formats, generally characterized by reverse chronological ordering, rapid response, linking, and robust commenting.While originally perceived to be light on reporting and heavy on commentary, a number of blogs are now thoroughly reported, and legacy media organizations have also launched various blogs.Originally short for “web log,” blog is now an accepted word in Scrabble.— A simple, free blogging platform created by Pyra Labs, which was sold to Google in 2003. — An umbrella term describing media technologies that create a strong sense of engagement among residents through news and information.— The way computer programs share data and functionality with other computer programs.APIs are an increasingly critical part of the Internet’s interconnection.


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