Nietzsche'S Of God Thesis

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Nietzsche underlines the fact that only men may understand and delve feels.Women are not able to complete the same task of the same level.

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In order to live a full life, they need to will to power and truth, create their own values, live according to them, and do not take into consideration the principle of other people, who are not as strong as they are.

Without any doubts, to hear about the death of God may shock lots of people.

After we analyze, that the translations of the works by Nietzsche may not really correctly represent his ideas and intentions, and clear up that his idea of the dead God may be interpreted in English in several ways, we can surely say that Beyond Good and Evil is also one of the works, which are based on the Nietzsche’s idea that God is dead.

In this work, he underlines that all humans are biological creatures, which are ruled by certain instincts.

(Kuehls, 6) However, exactly such ideas attract the attention of many readers.

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Searching for truth is one of the most important things in the whole world. This essay on Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche was written and submitted by user Alana Thompson to help you with your own studies.The point is that translated works may not represent the major idea that the original author had in mind.For example, in The Gay Science (in German, it sounds as Die fröhliche Wissenschaft), Nietzsche said that “God ist tot!Beyond Good and Evil is one of the most famous works by Friedrich Nietzsche, written in 1886.This work is a kind of analysis that wills certainly to truth.Female nature will never allow herself to be won by men. 3) In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche also tells about Nihilism and its effect on the exploration of truth.The author tells that one of the possible reasons, which do not allow to comprehend everything clearly, is the idea of the old God. 22) And this is what is so crucially important in order to answer the major question – if Nietzsche uses the idea of the dead God in Beyond Good and Evil.People spend lots of time in order to comprehend what is really truth and what is not. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. Friedrich Nietzsche created a wonderful work Beyond Good and Evil to help people and show them one of the possible ways in such kind of searching. It is crucially important to comprehend all his words not literary, as it constricts the meaning he wants to represent. The death of God is the common idea for Nietzsche’s numerous works, and the reader should not accept it literary in order to understand that God’s death represents the crisis, people live in.


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