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Some believe that technology is a tool and that limiting technology use is simply a matter of putting down the gaming system, tablet, or phone. They claim people need professional medical treatment to manage their addictions.The military can use drones to safely surveil dangerous areas and unmanned drones in areas where it’s unsafe for personnel.These people had done nothing and however were tormented, dishonored and liquidated for no reason other than they were Jews.

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If you can choose your own topic, you may spend a long time selecting and narrowing a topic–definitely on the minus side.

But on the plus side, you usually end up with something you have at least some interest in writing about.

The fact that you can ponder whether it’s better to have an essay topic assigned or to choose your own topic leads me to the subject of this post: discursive essays and discursive essay topics.

If you’re trying to choose a topic for your discursive essay (and you don’t want to write about whether essay topics should even be assigned), here are 20 discursive essay topics for your next paper.

I’ve linked topics 1-16 to a related argumentative essay or discursive essay to give you a few ideas of what a complete essay might look like.

Topics 17-20 are topics that generally won’t require research, but I’ve still provided a link to a related article that might help spark your creative genius.Many experts state that adults require eight hours of sleep to stay healthy.But others argue that sleep needs vary, and some people may require fewer (or even more) hours of restful sleep each night.The book, Night was related to human behavior in many ways to society.It revolves around the acts or prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping, and more.On the plus side, if you’re assigned a topic, you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out what to write about.But on minus side, you’re often forced to write about something that you may have little or no interest in.When you’re assigned to write an essay, you usually have two options when it comes to topics.Your prof either says, “Write about one of these assigned topics,” or, “Pick something, and write about it.”There are advantages and disadvantages to both.First the Nazis took over their town and then they sent everyone to camps.Little did the Jewish people of this town, know how bad things would get once they got to the camps.


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