Noble Cause Corruption Essay

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The grades in the class were greatly determined by how well each team’s businesses made out in the simulation.

The higher ranked your business was at the end of the simulation, the higher of a grade that went to your team.

About the closest quote one can find in Machiavelli’s classic is this: “Moreover, in the actions of men, and most of all Princes, where there is no tribunal which we can appeal, we look to results.” It’s a bit of a stretch to say that this excerpt matches to the precise nature of the ends justifying the means, and perhaps it might be saying that those that hold the keys will make the rules and therefore they can claim their aims are justified.

I am assuming that some of you would decry the entire notion that the ends justify the means.

Sometimes there are people that don’t intend to do bad things, but fall into the pit of doing bad things, along the way to achieving what seems like a noble ending.

Of course, it could also be that the noble ending was a facade all along.I’ll go ahead and provide a quick recap about the major points.This is all well-documented in many big-time media outlets, and especially in an expose written by John Carreyrou of the Wall Street Journal and later further elaborated in his book entitled “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup.”A Stanford University dropout, Elizabeth Holmes, at the age of 19, started a biotech firm named Theranos, and did so with the stated goal of being able to do a multitude of blood diagnostic tests via the use of a tiny drop or so of blood, using a single finger-prick device to get the blood.The implication of the notion is that you can do any darned untoward thing you want to do, as long as the ends that you are targeting are somehow noble.I’d mildly object to the assumption that the ends being sought are of necessity noble, and it could be that the person arguing in favor of the ends justifying the means will want to convince themselves or us that the end is noble. It could be a charade to make the means seem viable. I will make you into a better person if I beat you silly.What sometimes happens is that people intending to do bad things will cleverly mask their upcoming bad deeds by wrapping it into a seemingly noble targeted ending.This generally allows them to get away with the bad things, since others will believe and at times rally in favor of the bad things, due to buying into the noble target ending that will presumably be someday reached.It’s all okay, as long as the noble ends, in this case getting and expunging the dastardly criminals that have kidnapped his daughter and saving his daughter, remains the so horrible and possibly would continue on his horrific crime spree, so getting him killed is worth it, when you balance out the lives lost while trying to get him versus the grand total number of lives he might have injured or killed had he remained alive. When I was a university professor, one my classes involved making use of a simulation to pretend you were running a business.This seemed nearly impossible since you usually need to collect a much greater quantity of blood to do a multitude of tests, plus the kind of blood you get from a finger-prick is not as rich as you can get from using a conventional needle-in-the-arm to draw blood.Her claims of being able to achieve these “ends” was a bold proclamation. Imagine how much easier and cheaper it could be to do blood tests.


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