North By Northwest Movie Essay

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One evening, he is mistaken for a spy called George Kaplan, kidnapped and taken to a house on Long Island.As a whole, this film features the technical mastery that Hitchcock brought to so much of his also full of themes that Hitchcock returned to again and again throughout his career.So he sneaks onto a luxury train called the 20th Century Limited that goes from New York to Chicago.On the train he meets Eve Kendall, who helps him avoid detection by the authorities.features the two sides of Hitchcock as a film artist.Most prominently, it shows the side of him that led people to call him a “light entertainer” throughout most of his career.tells the story of Roger Thornhill, an emotionally stunted advertising man.He gets mistaken for a spy named George Kaplan, and an enemy agent named Phillip Vandamm tries to kill him.The plot of this movie is a turn or two from a Kafka novel, and Thornhill’s journey from selfish apathy to committing to help another person is still a good model for other writers and filmmakers to follow.You could probably watch any of Hitchcock’s movies and fall in love with his body of work.


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