Not Wealthy But Happy Essay

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The amount of money it takes to be “rich” usually equals somewhere around one hundred times what a person has made in the last year (at least, based on what I could estimate that people make).

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Almost all of them mentioned buying material things.

Out of the twenty people I asked, only two of them mentioned investing the money at all, although quite a few did mention paying off all of their existing debt.

All of the women you have seen who feel like they have the lives you want, almost invariably have them because of money.

And that is as much true for the Farmer’s-Market-Reclaimed-Wood-Minimalism Queen as it is for the more traidtional, Louboutin-wielding fashionista.

(Trust me, writing isn’t it unless you’re Dan Brown or Stephen King.) But I’ve put a lot of thought into that question.

I truly don’t want to have mountains of money – if I did find some way to earn a lot of money, I’d likely give most of it away once I’ve established long-term financial independence for my immediate family.

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Let’s engage with this provocative essay from Chelsea Fagan of the Financial Diet (h/t Helaine Olen), in which she argues that women, whether or not they admit it, want to be wealthy.

They are both rich, both bathing in their financial luxury and freedom, one is just more honest about it.

We may find a huge variety in the expression of the women we aspire to be, denoted like limited edition Barbie dolls — the Career Woman, the Perfect Mom, the Fitness Guru, the Nature Girl, the Domestic Goddess, the Fashionista, the Traveler — but we must all come back to the same ultimate conclusion when we try to figure out how to be her: she costs money.


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