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Classical Greek writers presented him sometimes as an unscrupulous politician, sometimes as a wise and honourable statesman.

Philosophers usually admired his intelligence and wisdom.

If people nowadays find it difficult to understand why, as little as 30 years ago, fashion had them wearing neon leg warmers as a part of their everyday attire, imagine how much our views have changed since the time of the Ancient Greeks.

Back then, it was considered to let random strangers into your house, offer your daughters for marriage at 14 years old, and even to let bathe you, among the many things we would consider very odd in our times.

Virgil's "Aneid" and Homer's "Odyssey" are two very different stories from the opposite point of view. Therefore, the leadership of these two leaders, Aeneas and Odysseus, is very different.

However, despite the differences, they face the challenge that they all become true leaders.

During his journey, he also experienced controversy with Odysseus.

However, Aeneas received a sense of responsibility that God had to follow, so the motivation for their two trips varied.

Odysseus is from the Greek story Odyssey written by the famous Greek poet Homer. Aeneas is from The Roman story The Aenied, written by the famous Roman poet Virgil.

Aeneas' mission is to find a new house for him and his family.


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