Optimization Techniques Research Papers

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In the multi-objective optimization problem, the name of the existing optimization algorithm may be changed as NDS-GA (non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm).

In the Table 1, the optimization algorithm and their first original papers are given.

The aim of this paper is to collect the studies using optimization algorithms in different divisions of civil engineering problems in such as structural engineering, construction management, mechanics, transportation and geotechnical engineering. The first one is the optimization algorithms which have been used to solve civil engineering problems.

The other one is the application of the optimization algorithms on different divisions of the civil engineering problem presented in last decades.

The new solutions are selected from the current populations according to their value fitness functions (Table1). Harmony search was firstly proposed in the dissertation by Geem [19], then presented in a journal paper by the Geem et al. It is derived from an artificial phenomenon found in musical performance namely the process of searching for better harmony.

Musical performances seek a best state determined by aesthetic estimation, as the optimization algorithms seek a best state determined by objective function evaluation.

Also, the optimization problems can be classified as size, shape, and topology, discrete, continuous, single or multi-objective optimization.

The application of optimization to real word engineering problems is quite recent, mainly due to the complexity of mathematical models, described by non-linear functions and generating a non-convex space of solutions.

These algorithms have been applied to many engineering optimization problems and proved effective for solving some specific kinds of problems.

In this paper, a review of the most popular optimization algorithms used in different problems related to the civil engineering during the last two decades is presented.


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