Paradise Lost Eve Essay

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As a result, it begs the questions as whether there was free will given in the first place.

If man was truly given free will, God’s knowledge of how the world would eventually turn out raises so many questions.

This is what Milton means by Adam and Eve having free will.

The angels in heaven are also part of God’s creation.

However, in the context of the poem, such forces are either metaphysical or spiritual.

Therefore, if human beings were given the free will, according to Milton, it implies that they should be able to make choices without being constrained by God. God makes Adam and Eve then gives the ability to make their decisions.

At the same time, man’s inability to make decisions beyond his human and physical nature further creates concerns as to the amount of freedom he has in making his decisions.

This paper seeks to explore and develop an argument based on the theme of free will in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

However, God still had full knowledge of what man was going to do if he uses the free will.

This implies that God knew from the beginning that man would disobey the commandments given to him.


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