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Most men, if pressed, might describe paradise, whether in heaven or on earth, as a garden filled with luxuriant orchids, uncut, frequented by a nymph or two.

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ISBN 81-7223-408-2 Printed in India by Rekha Printer Pvt Ltd A-102/1 Okhla Industrial Area New Delhi CONTENTS Acknowledgments vii Introduction viii PARTI MODERN RESEARCH 1 Plants and ESP 3 2 Plants Can Read Your Mind 17 3 Plants That Open Doors 33 4 Visitors from Space 46 5 Latest Soviet Discoveries 63 PART II PIONEERS OF PLANT MYSTERIES 6 Plant Life Magnified 100 Million Times 81 7 The Metamorphosis of Plants 104 8 Plants Will Grow to Please You 120 9 Wizard of Tuskegee 135 PART III TUNED TO THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES 10 The Harmonic Life of Plants 145 11 Plants and Electromagnetism 163 12 Force Fields, Humans and Plants 178 13 The Mystery of Plant and Human Auras 200 PART IV CHILDREN OF THE SOIL 14 Soil: The Staff of Life 217 15 Chemicals, Plants and Man 240 16 Live Plants or Dead Planets 259 17 Alchemists in the Garden 274 PART V THE RADIANCE OF LIFE 18 Dowsing Plants for Health 295 19 Radionic Pesticides 317 20 Mind Over Matter 343 21 Findhorn and the Garden of Eden 361 Bibliography 375 Index 393 Acknowledgments The authors wish to express their gratitude to all who have helped them in the compilation of this book, which required extensive research in Europe, the Soviet Union, and the United States. In the Stack and Reader Division, they wish to thank Dudley B. Allen of the National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, Maryland.

They are especially grateful to the staff of the U. Very special thanks are due to two Muscovite scientists, biophysicist Dr.

On the undersurface of every leaf a million movable lips are engaged in devouring carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen.

All together, 25 million square miles of leaf surface are daily engaged in this miracle of photosynthesis, producing oxygen and food for man and beast.

Copyright © Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird 1973 First published in India by Harper Collins Publishers India 2000 All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Obear, Chief of the Loan Division, and to his most helpful assistants. Pauls, and Benjamin Swinson, who saved them much anxiety by caring for their shelved books. Allen of the Slavic and Central European Division, and Dolores Moyano Martin, of the Latin American Division, Library of Congress, and to Lida L.Viktor Adamenko, well known for his research on bio-energetics, and Professor Sinikov, Director of Studies; of the Timiryazev Academy of Agricultural Sciences, both of whom kindly and promptly replied to requests for data and references unavailable in the United States, as did M.Rostislav Donn, Commercial Counselor of the French Embassy in Moscow.All the food, drink, intoxicants, drugs and medicines that keep man alive and, if properly used, radiantly healthy are ours through the sweetness of photosynthesis.Sugar produces all our starches, fats, oils, waxes, cellulose.As Darwin put it, plants "acquire and display this power only when it is of some advantage to them." At the beginning of the twentieth century a gifted Viennese biologist with the Gallic name of Raoul France put forth the idea, shocking to contemporary natural philosophers, that plants move their bodies as freely, easily, and gracefully as the most skilled animal or human, and that the only reason we don't appreciate the fact is that plants do so at a much slower pace than humans.INTRODUCTION IX The roots of plants, said France, burrow inquiringly into the earth, the buds and twigs swing in definite circles, the leaves and blossoms bend and shiver with change, the tendrils circle questingly and reach out with ghostly arms to feel their surroundings.Wormlike rootlets, which Darwin likened to a brain, burrow constantly downward with thin white threads, crowding themselves firmly into the soil, tasting it as they go.Small hollow chambers in which a ball of starch can rattle indicate to the root tips the direction of the pull of gravity.From crib to coffin, man relies on cellulose as the basis for his shelter, clothing, fuel, fibers, basketry, cordage, musical instruments, and the paper on which he scribbles his philosophy.The abundance of plants profitably used by man is indicated by nearly six hundred pages in Uphof's Dictionary of Economic Plants.


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