Personal Training Business Plan Template

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Beyond that each trainer has specific qualifications and training that enables them to provide each client with an individually designed program.Ladies Only Fitness offers a large selection of sophisticated equipment bio-mechanically designed for a woman's body.

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This is the process of tailoring your site and its content so that there is a better chance your pages will show up at or near the top of search engine results.

Being able to rank for relevant keywords will mean interested parties finding you much more easily.

The membership fee is $150 a month and the personal trainer fee is $25/hr.

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Do you have a business plan that's going to help you break through in the online fitness industry?

Business Decision Making Assignment - Personal Training Business Plan Template

Just getting started can seem like a daunting task.

For personal training, location is very important, making it slightly easier to rank as you are only competing with other trainers in your area.

Email marketing is another great strategy, and this usually comes from having an engaging blog that people follow and use as a source of information; they subscribe to you and this gives you the chance to offer them promotional content. As a trainer, you likely already know this, and now it is time to apply this approach to your training business.

It’s easy to describe your audience as “people looking to get fit,” but this isn’t entirely helpful, as it casts too wide a net.. However, for you to be able to attract clients and retain them, you need to do something to help distinguish yourself from the crowd. Of course, you’ll be able to tweak things as you go, but the clearer you are from the beginning the better you will be in the end.

The way you do this is with your personal brand; everyone has something that makes them different. It’s easy to think that closing is the most important aspect of the sales process.


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